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Welcome to solutionproled, your trusted partner for Architectural LED lighting solutions. With over 15 years of industry expertise, we are a leading manufacturer based in China, dedicated to delivering high-quality LED lights for a wide range of applications. Our team of 100 dedicated professionals is committed to providing top-notch products tailored to meet your project requirements

.At solutionproled, we take pride in our diverse portfolio of LED lighting solutions. Whether you need LED lights for hotel facade lighting projects or any other commercial application, we have the perfect solution for you. Our comprehensive range of LED products ensures that we can meet your specific needs with utmost precision.

Experience Unparalleled Industry Knowledge and Experience What sets us apart from the competition is our profound industry knowledge and extensive experience. Through successful completion of numerous foreign engineering projects, we have gained valuable insights and honed our expertise. This empowers us to better understand the unique challenges faced by project managers like you, enabling us to deliver solutions that surpass your expectations.



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Factory With High-Quality

At SolutionProLED, quality is not just a word, it’s our commitment. As a China-based leading Architectural LED lighting manufacturer, we champion high-quality products. With over 15 years of experience, our team crafts exceptional LED lights, exceeding industry standards. With our solutions in countries like the USA, Germany, and Russia, our track record in delivering top-tier LED lights is proven. When quality matters, choose SolutionProLED for your project’s success.”

Secure Packaging and Reliable Global Shipping

At SolutionProLED, we guarantee not only the quality of our LED lighting solutions but also the assurance of safe packaging and dependable global delivery. Utilizing robust packaging practices, we ensure our products reach you undamaged and in optimal condition. We partner with trusted logistics providers, assuring timely and accurate delivery to your desired location, whether it be in the United States, Germany, Russia, or anywhere else in the world. With SolutionProLED, experience the synergy of superior product quality and seamless logistics.”

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We  are humbly proud of the relationships we have built and the success we have shared with our partners globally

"SolutionProLED has proven to be a reliable partner in delivering top-notch LED lighting for our projects. Their quality, range, and client-first approach are truly commendable. We look forward to many more years of successful partnership." - William Brown, Project Manager, Canada

William Brown Canada

"Partnering with SolutionProLED has significantly enhanced our project outcomes. Their broad product portfolio, deep industry expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction are simply unmatched. They are indeed a trusted B2B LED lighting partner." - François Dupont, Architect, France

François Dupont France

"Our experience with SolutionProLED has been nothing short of excellent. Their commitment to high-quality LED solutions, attention to our specific project needs, and impressive delivery speed make them stand out in the industry. Highly recommended!" - Laura Johnson, Interior Designer, Australia

Laura Johnson, Australia

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