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LED Flood LIght
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Led Neon Flex Light

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Our Comprehensive Product Range at SolutionProLED

In response to the rise of smart cities and the IoT revolution, we have also developed a range of smart lighting solutions. Our smart lights can be integrated with automated control systems for energy efficiency and improved functionality.The followings are our product categories. Each of our product categories is backed by our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. What sets us apart from our competitors is not only our diverse product range but also our ability to understand and cater to the unique requirements of each project. Explore our portfolio today and find out how solutionproled can illuminate your projects with quality, efficiency, and precision.

outdoor commercial lighting

Commercial Lighting

Our exterior commercial lighting solutions are designed to illuminate public spaces, offices, shopping centers, and hospitality venues. We offer a range of LED lights that are energy-efficient, durable, and customizable to fit different architectural designs.

Industrial Lighting

Our robust industrial lighting solutions are suitable for factories, warehouses, and outdoor worksites. They are designed for longevity, brightness, and resilience, catering to environments that require high-intensity lighting.

Outdoor Industrial Lighting
Speciality Lighting

Specialty Lighting

Solutionproled also specializes in custom lighting solutions for specific project requirements. Whether you need lights for an architectural masterpiece, an outdoor sports venue, or any other unique application, we can create tailored solutions to match your needs.

Smart Lighting Solutions

In response to the rise of smart cities and the IoT revolution, we have also developed a range of smart lighting solutions. Our smart lights can be integrated with automated control systems for energy efficiency and improved functionality.

smart lighting

Outdoor LED Wall Washer

The LED wall washer is a versatile lighting solution designed to illuminate large vertical surfaces and architectural features. Offering energy efficiency and vibrant color options, it enhances aesthetics while providing uniform light distribution, making it ideal for accentuating building facades, landscapes, and indoor spaces.

Outdoor LED Flood Light

The LED flood light delivers powerful, broad-spectrum illumination, making it perfect for outdoor areas, stadiums, and industrial spaces. Boasting energy efficiency and long lifespan, this robust lighting solution ensures consistent brightness, safeguarding spaces while enhancing visibility and aesthetics.

Outdoor LED Spotlight

Outdoor LED Spotlight delivers intense, targeted illumination for gardens, facades, and landscapes. Durable and energy-efficient, its powerful beam accentuates features, ensuring they stand out even in the darkest nights. A must-have for highlighting outdoor beauty and enhancing security

Outdoor LED In-Ground Light

LED in-ground lights are durable, energy-efficient luminaires designed for outdoor use. Embedded into the ground, they provide subtle illumination for pathways, landscapes, and architectural features, enhancing safety and aesthetics. With a low-profile design, they seamlessly blend into surroundings, offering longevity and minimal maintenance.

Outdoor LED Neon Flex Light

LED Neon Flex Light combines the classic appeal of neon with modern LED efficiency. Flexible, vibrant, and energy-saving, it’s perfect for creating striking designs, contours, and signage. Embrace the nostalgic glow with the durability and versatility of LED technology

Outdoor LED Pixel Light

A vibrant, energy-efficient illumination solution, combining cutting-edge LED technology with precise control. Perfect for creating dynamic visuals, this light promises consistent brightness and color, elevating any space or event

Outdoor LED Handrail Light

Enhance safety and ambiance with sleek illumination. Crafted for durability, this light seamlessly integrates into handrails, ensuring well-lit pathways and stairs. Weather-resistant and energy-efficient, it’s the perfect fusion of function and design for outdoor spaces

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in high-quality, energy-efficient architectural LED lights with 15 years experience, offering direct factory price, customization, international shipping, and outstanding customer support.

No, we provide orders of all sizes, but offer discounts and incentives for bulk purchases to meet diverse customer needs.

Yes, we offer bespoke solutions to meet unique requirements, providing a tailor-made approach to lighting design, functionality, and installation.

Yes, we provide reliable and cost-effective international shipping options to deliver our products safely to various countries.

Supply times vary based on order size and customization, but generally, we aim to dispatch standard orders within 1-2 weeks.

Certainly! We provide samples to ensure you can assess our product quality and compatibility before making a commitment.

Absolutely, our LED lights come with five-years warranty, showcasing our confidence in product quality and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Simply contact our sales team online by whatsapp or send email to with your specifications, and we’ll promptly provide a detailed and competitive quote tailored to your needs.

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