How Solutionproled Upgraded Street Lighting in Russia’s High Salt-Spray Environments (Case Analyse)

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    At solutionproled, we don’t just manufacture high-quality LED lights, we provide custom solutions for unique environmental challenges. In one recent project, we tackled the harsh reality of salt spray corrosion in Russia’s coastal regions, delivering innovative LED lighting solutions that met the customer’s needs and exceeded their expectations.

    Why the Change Was Needed

    Our client approached us after facing continuous problems with their existing street lamps in the high salt-spray areas of Russia. Installed less than a year ago, the lights were already showing significant corrosion due to the severe salt spray environment. The initial assessment revealed that the previous supplier failed to consider the project location’s actual salt spray conditions, resulting in inadequate salt spray treatment of the lamps and early corrosion. As a result, the decision was made to replace the unqualified lamps.

    Our Innovative Solution for High Salt-Spray Areas

    At solutionproled, we fully consider the environmental conditions when designing our LED lights. For this project, we developed a new lamp design with strengthened anti-salt spray surface treatment. This design comprised outdoor powder spray and varnish for the outer light pole surface, outdoor powder for the inner light pole surface, and hot-dip galvanized steel tube surfaces.

    To ensure the effectiveness of our solution, we performed extensive salt spray tests, pushing beyond the standard 36-hour testing period to a more thorough 120-hour assessment given the project location’s high salt spray conditions. Only after the tests confirmed that our lamps met the standard did we proceed to mass production, delivery, and installation.

    Quality Assurance With Rigorous Testing

    To guarantee the quality of our LED lighting solutions, we conduct comprehensive testing. In addition to the salt spray tests, we perform various other assessments based on the specific project requirements. This thorough approach ensures that our products withstand challenging environmental conditions while delivering superior performance.


    Outdoor lighting design requires careful consideration of various environmental factors, including salt spray intensity, rainfall, wind, air temperature, and ambient colors. At solutionproled, we factor these conditions into each project, ensuring we provide the most suitable solutions and services for our clients. As your trusted B2B LED lighting partner, we strive to meet your unique needs, delivering products that excel in quality, functionality, and durability. Any interesting, pls contact

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