Latest Top 10 LED Lighting Manufacturers in China-2023

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    China is the largest LED lighting manufacturer in the world, accounting for over 70% of the global LED market in terms of production capacity. The country boasts several top-tier LED lighting manufacturers, known for their innovative technologies, high-quality products, and robust manufacturing capabilities.

    As a 15+ years player in the LED lighting industry and the CEO of SolutionProLED, I know that it’s crucial to stay informed about the landscape of this market, especially here in China. For your guide, I have compiled a list of the top LED lighting manufacturers in China. (The following rankings are not forward or backward)

    SolutionProLED Lighting

    Location: Shenzhen, China

    Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale, Project

    Main products: architectural led light, façade lights, led stadium light, tunnel light, street light, and indoor lights as magnetic linear light, downlights .etc

    solutionproled lighting

    SolutionProLed stands out as a premier B2B LED lighting manufacturer in China. Boasting over 15 years of expertise in the industry, this dedicated team of 100 professionals specializes in delivering high-quality LED lights for a diverse range of applications.

    Whether you’re sourcing LED lights for hotel facade lighting projects or other commercial applications, SolutionProLed has you covered. Their extensive product line ensures precision in meeting your specific needs.


    Opple Lighting

    Location: Shanghai, China

    Company Type:Manufacturing

    Main Products: Package and Smart LED Lighting

    opple lighting

    Opple Lighting is the undeniable leader in the LED lighting manufacturing industry. Known for their high-quality and durable products, Opple has set the standard in the market. Their constant innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction have earned them the top spot.


    NVC Lighting

    Location: Huizhou, China

    Company type: Manufacturing

    Main Products: residential lighting as led spotlight, led downlight, led tube light

    NYC lighting

    NVC Lighting Technology Corporation is a global leader in the lighting industry, providing innovative and high-quality solutions for a wide range of applications. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Huizhou, China, NVC has established a robust presence with distribution and sales channels across the globe. The company’s extensive portfolio includes commercial lighting, residential lighting, industrial lighting, and special lighting products designed to cater to varied needs.


    FSL Lighting

    Location: Foshan, China

    Company Type: Manufacturing

    Main products: LED lighting, traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting, as well as specialty and commercial lighting solutions

    FSL Lighting

    Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd., commonly known as FSL, is a highly respected company in the lighting industry with a long-standing history and significant influence worldwide. Established in 1958 and based in Foshan, Guangdong, China, FSL has been dedicated to the development, manufacture, and sale of a comprehensive range of lighting products for over six decades.

    FSL’s product portfolio spans across various lighting sectors, including LED lighting, traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting, as well as specialty and commercial lighting solutions. The company is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, consistently delivering products that meet high performance and efficiency standards


    Lonestar Lighting

    Location: Xiamen, China

    Company Type: Manufacturing

    Main products: led grow light and special design light, smart bulb

    Longstar Lighting

    iamen Lonestar Lighting Company Ltd is a premier lighting solutions provider headquartered in Xiamen, China. Known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, the company manufactures a broad spectrum of lighting products, ranging from indoor fixtures to outdoor illuminations. These products encompass residential, commercial, and industrial applications, as well as special-purpose lighting.

    Established on the principles of cutting-edge technology and excellent customer service, Xiamen Lonestar Lighting Company is renowned for its superior design and craftsmanship. The company leverages the latest in lighting technology, such as LED and smart lighting systems, to produce energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing solutions that enrich the ambiance of any space.


    Leedarson Lighting

    Location: Zhangzhou, China

    Company Type: Manufacturing

    Main products: LED bulbs, indoor fixtures, outdoor lighting solutions, and smart lighting systems

    Leedarson lighting

    Zhangzhou Leedarson Lighting Co., Ltd is a prominent name in the lighting industry, headquartered in Zhangzhou, China. It’s a full-service provider specializing in manufacturing a wide array of innovative, high-quality lighting solutions designed to cater to diverse needs, enhancing the lighted environment of various spaces.

    The company’s product portfolio encompasses a broad range of lighting products, including but not limited to LED bulbs, indoor fixtures, outdoor lighting solutions, and smart lighting systems. These products are specifically designed for residential, commercial, and industrial settings, as well as for specialty applications.


    Klite Lighting

    Location: Zhejiang, China

    Company Type: Manufacturing

    Main products: led lamp for residential and commercial lighting

    klite lighting

    Zhejiang Klite Lighting Holdings Co., Ltd is a leading lighting manufacturer based in Zhejiang, China. This distinguished company specializes in the design, development, and production of a wide array of lighting products that cater to both the domestic and international markets.

    Zhejiang Klite’s extensive product portfolio includes high-quality, innovative lighting solutions such as LED bulbs, indoor and outdoor light fixtures, and smart lighting systems. These products find application in various sectors including residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, providing tailored lighting solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer.


    MLS Lighting

    Location: Zhongshan, China

    Company Type: Manufacturing and wholesale

    Main products: electronics lighting and home appliances as led tube, led bulb

    MLS Lighting

    “Zhongshan MLS Co Ltd is a progressive manufacturing company based in the industrial city of Zhongshan, China. The company might be engaged in the production of various goods that the city is known for, such as electronics, lighting, or home appliances. With a commitment to superior quality and innovation, Zhongshan MLS Co Ltd could specialize in harnessing advanced manufacturing technologies to produce top-notch products that cater to both domestic and international markets. The company’s operations likely contribute significantly to Zhongshan’s vibrant economy, providing employment opportunities and fostering local development.”


    Winson Lighting

    Location: Shenzhen, China

    Company Type: wholesale

    Main products: led flood light, led grow light, led street light.etc

    WINSON Lighting

    Winson Lighting Technology Limited is a forward-thinking company specializing in the lighting industry. Based on its name, the company is presumably committed to harnessing the latest advancements in lighting technology to provide innovative and efficient solutions for its customers. Winson Lighting Technology Limited is likely involved in the design, manufacture, and sale of a variety of lighting products, potentially including LED lights, energy-saving lamps, and smart lighting solutions. By adopting a customer-centric approach, the company seeks to meet diverse lighting needs, offering products that blend quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.”


     Yankon Energetic Lighting

    Location: Shenzhen, China

    Company Type: wholesale

    Main products: led bulbs and tubes

    YANKON Lighting

    “Xiamen Yankon Energetic Lighting Co., Ltd, a likely subsidiary of the well-established Zhejiang Yankon Group, is a progressive company in the lighting industry based in Xiamen, China. The company focuses on harnessing the power of modern technology to produce energy-efficient lighting solutions. Xiamen Yankon Energetic Lighting Co., Ltd may specialize in a variety of lighting products, such as LED lights, smart lighting systems, and other energy-saving light products. Leveraging the reputation and expertise of the larger Yankon Group, the company is dedicated to delivering high-quality, reliable, and sustainable lighting products to customers globally. It continually strives to contribute to environmental sustainability while ensuring the highest standards of customer satisfaction.


    Every lighting and decoration project is unique, so you need an LED lighting manufacturer who can meet your specific needs. Whether it's quality, innovation, or affordability you're after, China's top LED lighting manufacturers have you covered. go ahead and find the perfect LED lighting manufacturer for your next project. Any interesting, please contact
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