Harnessing the Power of PLC Technology for Intelligent Street Lighting Control in Moscow(Case Analyse)

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    Our recent commercial project in Moscow, Russia, highlights the advantages of embracing innovative lighting technology. In addition to installing landscape lighting fixtures on the exterior walls of the building, we were also tasked with positioning street lamps around the project’s perimeter.

    led street light rendering

    Our client’s requirements were clear: the construction and installation process should be straightforward, with no need for separate control signal lines. They also stressed the importance of stability, safety, ease of maintenance, and energy-saving in the intelligent control systems.

    After careful evaluation of the project’s scale and unique requirements, we recommended the adoption of PLC (Power Line Carrier) technology for intelligent control of the street lights.

    Here’s a detailed breakdown of the technical and user advantages of PLC technology:

    Technical Perspective: Advantages of PLC Power Line Carrier Technology

    1. High transmission rate and distance: PLC technology offers a long transmission distance (up to 5km) and high rate, bypassing wireless signal attenuation caused by building obstruction. It also provides a simpler channel environment compared to 2.4G communication technology.
    2. Convenient construction and operation: PLC allows for easy communication as long as the equipment power supply is maintained, without any need for topology or deploying relay nodes.
    3. Effective communication area isolation: PLC technology utilizes physical isolators to avoid interference, promoting a self-organizing network within each communication area.
    led street light project

    User Perspective: Advantages of PLC Power Line Carrier Technology

    1. Smart, energy-saving solution: PLC technology harnesses existing street lamp power lines, avoiding the need for separate signal lines. This intelligent control system facilitates remote control dimming and timing switch functions, and can be integrated with smart city functions such as environmental monitoring, WIFI coverage, video surveillance, and charging stations.
    2. Quick maintenance and monitoring: The intelligent controller can receive alerts regarding street lamp faults or wire thefts remotely, notifying maintenance personnel for prompt action. This feature enhances work efficiency and ensures uninterrupted operation of the street lamps.
    3. Energy conservation and intelligent management: The PLC-based control system realizes energy conservation, environmental protection, and high reliability. The system’s chip uses power line carrier communication to remotely monitor each lamp, enabling intelligent management like light adjustment, brightness feedback, fault alarms, and data analysis.

    This project not only extends lamp life but also maximizes LED lighting’s energy-saving advantages, contributing to further energy savings.

    led street light rendering

    Brief Description of Road Light Manufacturing and Installation:

    1. Road Light Production and Manufacturing:

    Note: The single lamp controller is installed together with the street light driver inside the street light pole.

    2. Installation of streetlights at the project site:

    Solution 1: Wireless Connection

    Solution 2: Wired Connection (chosen by the client for this project).


    The above is some sharing of this project case, hoping to provide some meaningful reference for interested friends. Generally speaking, PLC power line carrier technology is more suitable for outdoor lighting projects, while the frequency used in indoor lighting projects is relatively low. In the future, we will share with you some comparisons and analysis of other intelligent lighting control technologies. Any interesting, please contact Solutionproled.com

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