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Tips for Outdoor Lighting Design

Outdoor lighting design marries aesthetics with functionality. The right design not only elevates the appeal of the landscape but also bolsters the safety and ambiance of urban spaces. So, what should one consider when working on outdoor lighting design?

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How to illuminate the building of glass curtain wall?

As a common design element in modern buildings, the lighting effect of glass curtain walls not only adds beauty to the building but also enhances its nighttime visual appeal. However, lighting design for glass curtain walls requires consideration of several factors. Here’s a closer look at three aspects of this:

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The Pitfalls to Avoid in Architectural Lighting Projects

In today’s society, architectural lighting projects have become an integral part of the vibrant nighttime landscapes in many cities. The success or failure of such projects not only impacts the city’s image but also provides aesthetic enjoyment for the public. However, there are several pitfalls to avoid when undertaking these lighting projects.

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Hospital lighting – to choose the right lighting fixtures

Hospital lighting design uses warm lighting to alleviate patients’ worries, and uses lighting to show people the hospital’s health concept and optimism, increasing the trust of patients and their families. Hospital lighting not only needs to meet the technical requirements of the hospital, but also needs to create a warm, harmonious lighting environment for patients.

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Five Considerations for Doing Architectural lighting Project

Doing architectural lighting project needs to pay attention to the planning and design of lighting, using energy-saving lighting equipment, considering the protection and heat dissipation of the lighting system, reasonably arranging and installing the lighting equipment, and strengthening the maintenance and management of the lighting system.

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hotel lighting

Why does hotel lighting is important?

Hotel lighting is an important and indispensable work in hotel decoration and design. It is not only to beautify the appearance of the hotel, but also to enhance the image of the hotel and attract more guest to stay. Here are some key points that can help us understand why hotel lighting project is necessary and the role it plays

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Speciality Lighting

How To Light Up Your Building Brilliantly?

First off, let’s face it – lighting a building isn’t just about functional illumination. It’s about setting the mood, highlighting architectural details, and most importantly, making a statement. This task can seem daunting, especially when you’re faced with a plethora of options in the LED lighting market. But don’t worry, I’m here to guide you through the process of brilliantly illuminating your building with 15+years industry working experience.

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The Buyer’s Guide: How to purchasing Architectural Floodlighting

When it comes to architectural floodlighting, your choices can significantly impact both the aesthetics of your project and your overall budget. Choosing LED floodlights can offer superior lighting quality, substantial cost savings, and a smaller carbon footprint. So, knowing what to look for and how to evaluate your options is crucial.

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solutionproled lighting

Latest Top 10 LED Lighting Manufacturers in China-2023

China is the largest LED lighting manufacturer in the world, accounting for over 70% of the global LED market in terms of production capacity. The country boasts several top-tier LED lighting manufacturers, known for their innovative technologies, high-quality products, and robust manufacturing capabilities.

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